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360 Difference

Estimating & Project Management Software Tools for Builders, Remodelers, and Trade Contractors

Tools for Contactors Designed by a Contractor

The 360 Difference software core is basic central package with additional modules that can also be spun off into their own standalone applications based upon one’s specifics requirements and needs. If required these modules can be adapted or further customized to match your needs.

360 Difference 2016 | Macintosh & Windows & iOS Information Technology Solutions for Builders, Remodelers, & Contractors

A robust, powerful, and scalable set of Estimating, Job Costing, Project & Business Management tools for Macintosh, iOS, and Windows that together make up an integrated small office /home office work environment that also meets the needs of larger builders and contractors too.

All of our 360 Differece modules run natively on Windows XP, Vista, and the Macintosh OS X platforms and are avaiable in the following editions:

  • SINGLE-USER RUN-TIME EDITION: The Single-User Edition is for stand alone use and comes with a built-in FileMaker Pro engine.
  • SINGLE-USER FILEMAKER POWERD EDITION: The Single-User FileMaker Pro Powered Edition requires FileMaker Pro 12 or greater to run.
  • MULTI-USER EDITION: For use in a networked environment. Requires FileMaker Pro 12 or greater to run up to 7 users in peer to peer sharing. Requires Filemaker Server for up to 250 users in a client server sharing environment/
  • DEVELOPER EDITION: The Developer Edition is provided with the “master” password for full access privileges to the source code so modifications can be made at user’s discretion. The Developer Edition license is a single site license and single integration into a FileMaker solution.
  • UNLIMITED EDITION: The Unlimited Edition is provided with the “master” password for full access privileges to the source code so modifications can be made at user’s discretion. The Unlimited Edition license is a volume site license and/or single integration into a product for resale.

 Custom FileMaker Development

Any of the FileMaker products that we’ve developed can be modified or customized to fit any specific needs or requirements you have. that was one of the main reasons we choose the Filemaker platform to develop in the first place.

Our custom programming is affordable and having us work on your programming requirements and customization allows you to spend your time running your business.

Never again ask whether the product fits your need but how can it be changed to meet your needs.

We do more than adjust a few reports but can program integration with other data, create screens to your specifications which can include things as simple as removing all unnecessary fields and rearranging the ones you need to meet your preference; or as complex as creating order entry to handle complex multi item order with a few keystrokes.


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