Home Diagnosis TV Series

Okay has anyone viewed this series yet? I just discovered it watching PBS promo this afternoon. Home Diagnosis TV Series ‘Home Diagnosis’ is the first-ever television series about the Science of Homes. Learn the invisible dynamics that physics, chemistry,...
Estimating Production Supervision

Estimating Production Supervision

A few people asked me privately last week how to estimate or account for the of Job Supervision. First of all asking how to estimate the cost is really the wrong question. That is going to depend up the Real True Cost per Hour to your company of the personnel doing...
What Can We Learn From This Chart?

What Can We Learn From This Chart?

What Can We Learn From Chart? In a discussion on FaceBook regarding markup my friend and collegue Dan Kolbert of Kolbert Builders in Portland ME wrote: “…the most predictable aspect of your volume is your own crew in the field, and your markup should be connected to...

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