Golden Handcuffs

Back in 2007 I read a Remodelers Advantage article that is no longer on their website about using a Life Insurance policy “Golden Handcuffs” issued as a tool for employee retention. The original article I read about this didn’t specify that the Life Insurance policy...

Mark Green On Leadership

My friend (we grew up in the same home town of Chappaqua NY)  and Business & Leadership Growth Coach Mark Green (we grew up in the same hometown a few years apart) back in 2019 wrote a great book called: Activators: A CEO’s Guide to Clearer Thinking and Getting...

On Estimating… and the Planning Fallacy

This article mentions the Nobel award winning Daniel Kahneman and his award winning book Thinking, Fast and Slow and how our inherent biases cloud and affect our judgement notably in this case “The Planning Fallacy”. The author tells us how the Planning Fallacy leads...

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