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No Man Ever Steps In the Same River Twice — Heraclitus

The central idea of Heraclitus’ philosophy (~500 BC) is the unity of opposites and the concept of change. He saw the world as constantly in flux, always “becoming” but never “being”. He expressed this in sayings like panta rhei (“Everything flows”) and “No man ever steps in the same river twice.”

Ever since my college days I have always read and explored a lot of philosophy and as I set back out on my own journey of recovery and discovery as I adjust to a new life with Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease (more on that sometime in the near future) I find philosophy of the Stoic and Pre-Stoics like Heraclitus rich with great tools and concepts for living and moving ahead. For more on you can read: Heraclitus & Stoicism. Stoicism began around the year 300 BCE… | by Philosophy as a Way of Life | Stoicism — Philosophy as a Way of Life | Medium

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