Over on LinkedIn Ahmad Al Cheikh Hassan wrote:

—“An employee who left your organisation for money, may come back for money.

But an employee who left for culture would never come back even for money.

Because what an employee finds in the culture is priceless, it’s something money can’t buy. It’s about feeling valued, included, and understood. It’s the psychological safety they find in a supportive environment.

Organizations must remember, it’s not just about the salary package, it’s about building a culture where employees thrive. It’s about the investment in people.
Start investing in people, not just in paychecks.”— (Post | LinkedIn)

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J. Jerrald Hayes
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I am an architectural woodworker and general contractor turned IT, Business and Project Management consultant, software developer wannabe senior division triathlete and ski racer, Yankee fan and founder of ParadigmProjects.com, 360 Difference Mac4Construction.com,iOS4Construction.com and now TheBuildingAndRemodelingWiki.com too.

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