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3 Powerful Questions to Ask Your Prospects | Brian Tracy

Was just thinking yesterday how a stalled or stagnant sales process or sales journey can be stimulated back to life by what they call “Consequence Questions” Sales training specialist Brian Tracy on Consequence Questions: 3 Powerful Questions to Ask Your...
Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution | McKinsey

Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution | McKinsey

Revisiting something I read a while back that was apropos with a potential contractor coaching client I was speaking with today… I was researching another McKinsey report (Reinventing Construction Through A Productivity Revolution) and accidentally stumbled upon...

A Richer More Robust Enhanced Transparency

The other day in a discussion about job photographs I mentioned a remodeler I used to do some some consulting with in addition to having some great camera equipment took the time to take some courses in photography and lighting and his job photos are as excellent as...

“People will say more to your belief, your conviction than your technical skills”
— Tom Hopkins

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13 words to help salespeople sell more and rich – Business Insider

It’s a terrible selection of a illustration choosing a scene from The Wolf of Wall Street but ignoring that a better more well designed approach to sales utilizing these phrases will help virtually every contractor I can think of…...

The best sales advice I ever got was from a surfer dude. | Kevin Catlin | Pulse | LinkedIn

First rule about Relationship Building,…LISTEN to what your customer wants to tell you.

Remodeling Magazine: 8 Steps to Closing Deals Fast

I am astounded at times how so many remodeling contractors don’t have any kind of “designed” process or pipeline in place to direct and moving lead through their company’s sales process and instead shoot from the hip and almost overtime...