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The FileMaker Pro 15 Platform For Mac Windows and Android

A Rapid Development Platform for Todays and Tomorrows Internet

What is FileMaker Pro

FileMaker 15 (FileMaker Inc.) is the #1 Selling Easy to Use Database Development Tool and Platform that allows the user to create an modify their own database solutions or work with any one of over 400 ‘Made For FileMaker  database solutions created by both FileMaker and third party developers worldwide. Our own 360 Difference Software Solutions are designed using FileMaker.

Programming From Scratch vs The FileMaker Platform

Programming from scratch can require expensive programming resources. FileMaker Pro on its basic level requires no programming skills, it’s a DIY development tool but still has enough tools & power built into to it so that experienced FileMaker programmer can tweak or really develop some very sophisticated and powerful applications.
Programming from scratch can takes weeks to create and deploy. With FileMaker Pro a basic database can take just hours to create and run.
Programming from scratch from scratch requires separate development projects for desktops, mobile devices, and web browsers. FileMaker Pro is multi-platform and an application will works across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.

Commercial Off-The-Shelf Software vs. A Customizable FileMaker Solution

“Shrink-wrapped” Packaged Software  is a rigid design and won’t necessarily fit your unique business operations. You will need to adapt you operation to the software workflow and data.
FileMaker based solutions are flexible and can be easily modified to handle your workflows and data requirements.
 “Shrink-wrapped” Packaged Software usually ncludes more functionality than you need so you’re paying for unused features.
 FileMaker based solutions can be “right-sized” and Cost effective and you only pay for what you need.
“Shrink-wrapped” Packaged Software doesn’t integrate with external data. Creates separate silos of information.
 FileMaker based solutions can be integrated with your other existing business systems.

The FileMaker Inc. Product Line

FileMaker Pro 15

The basic core program to get you as a contractor up and running using any of the third party ‘Made For FileMaker’  database solutions that are out there. With that version of the program you will also be able to build and/or modify your own program or make modifications and changes to any of the ‘open” unlocked sample programs that come with the application.

FileMaker Go 15

FileMaker Go 15 is A free app that allows you to run your FileMaker solutions on an iPad and/or iPhone or  connect to your data files hosted in the cloud.

FileMaker Server 15

Server 15 is server software designed to host FileMaker Pro databases. When FileMaker Pro databases are hosted on a centralized computer running FileMaker Server, they can easily be shared on a network or through an existing Web site. In addition to providing easy sharing, databases hosted with FileMaker server are faster, more available, and more secure vs. peer-to-peer sharing without server software.

FileMaker Server software must be used when more than nine users want to access the same database at the same time. FileMaker Server allows up to 250 FileMaker Pro clients to simultaneously access the same database.

FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced

All the features of FileMaker Pro 15 plus a suite of advanced development and customization tools such as a script debugger Pinpointing problem areas and reviewing scripts step-by-step is a piece of cake with the Script Debugger. New enhancements give you more refined control. Place breakpoints on multiple steps at the same time or pause script steps that are about to be executed.

Why Use Filemaker?

• It’s ‘Developer‘ User Friendly. The Graphical User Interface in FileMaker Pro 15 allows users to create and/or modify the databases by dragging new elements into the layouts/screens/forms that make up the end-user interface. This results in a “quasi-object” development environment of a kind that is still largely unique in the “industrial strength” database world. A builder remodeler contractor can build their own add-ons or make there own custom modification without having to learn a lot of programming. If you want even more powerfull developer’s tools such as script debugging and variable watching FileMaker makes FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced for that.

• ‘Developer‘ User Friendly Results in End-User Friendly Interfaces. The ‘developer’ user friendly interface seems to leads to user friendly interface to the end user too.

FileMaker is cross-platform. FileMaker Pro runs equally well on either the Windows or Macintosh platforms and if you want to take your data with you on you can run it natively on any iOS device and through a web browser on Android devices

FileMaker is Scalable. While FileMaker is simple and easy enough for the solo contractor just getting into databases who wants a desktop solution to use it has industrial strength power under the hood and can grow with your company.

In a network environment you and up to nine other Windows and Mac OS FileMaker Pro users can access and share the same database file simultaneously and if your needs grow beyond that you can move up to FileMaker Server 15 which allows up to 250 FileMaker Pro clients to simultaneously and will also enable you to share and/or use data through your web site too.

Still need more power and flexibility? FileMaker Server 15 Advanced has all the feature of FileMaker Server 15 plus it will allow you to also allow external programs to access FileMaker database information using SQL queries so FileMaker information can be “pulled out” and used in other applications, such as accounting programs and CRM systems.

FileMaker works well with the MS Office line of Products. With FileMaker Pro you can take a simple estimate, window schedule, or contact list you created in Excel and drag and drop that file onto the FileMaker Pro application icon and it will automatically create a database in FileMaker. You’ll then be able to search, sort and prepare reports using that data instantly – and without having to re-key a thing!

Are you creating individual letters, invoices and mailing labels by hand? Save yourself countless hours by integrating Microsoft Word and FileMaker Pro.

By storing all your contacts, assets, and inventory records in FileMaker Pro, you can easily produce customized letters and labels by pulling information from FileMaker into Word without having to type individual letters and invoices or duplicate data entry.

And you can use FileMaker Pro as a digital library for all your PowerPoint presentations as well as your Word and Excel documents and files that you use over and over again
and need easy access to.

By keeping frequently used templates, graphics, tables, and charts organized in a database, they’ll be instantly searchable and more easily accessed by you and anyone you choose.

• Build Your Own Forms and Reports. With FileMaker 15 you’re not limited to the reports the program you are using came with. You can desing and build your own. There’s no third party software, such as Crystal Reporting involved, it can all be done within FileMaker Pro.

• FileMaker 15 Works With SQL. New with FileMaker 15, it is easy to create live connections to Microsoft® SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL data sources and if you do not want or don’t need a live connection, but wish to import or exchange data with a SQL data source you can use the ODBC/JDBC features just as easily.

How Can We Help You With FileMaker?

If you like the capabilities of FileMaker and
we’re available to help you work with it and provide you with any one of a number of our services:

•Training: to get you up and running as quick as you need to be and coach you on developing and using FileMaker Pro based systems in your contracting company.

• Product & Network Recommendations: which FileMaker product or products and what kind of deployment best suits your business operations needs and requirements.

• Custom Programming: for when what you want the program to do is beyond your current programming experience level.

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