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Proposed 360Difference Server Deployment Strategies

Hello FMPHost,

I’m an independent FileMaker solution developer and I would like to offer my solutions to clients in deployments that are hosted on a remote server in the cloud.

Since most of my clients are running small building and remodeling companies of just 1- 5 employees I can’t see setting them up with their own FMP Server and 5 Desktop FMP licenses so I am wondering if using your hosting services I can run a hypothetical service set up like this one diagrammed below.

For background my solution was designed using the Separation Model where all of a particular Company’s Data is stored in one file (CompanyName_360D-Data.fmp) that is then accessed by another file (CompanyName_360D.fmp) which is the interface file.

In my hypothetical service set up one license one of your Fully Managed FMP 23 servers with 4GB of Memory and 20GB of storage, with 5 User Connections which I assume means you’ll be providing me with 5 FileMaker (desktop/laptop Licenses). I would be paying $140.15 per month ($1,681.80 per year) or $1,169.40 for the year (at $97.45 per month)

At this stage as part of my service in addition to setting my clients up with the own versions of 360Difference I would also be providing a fully manage service to them meaning I will be on their systems keeping data current and providing coaching and training on how to estimate and track building and remodeling projects logging into their set-ups using my own FMP license.

Examples of 1 to 4 FMP23 Users Set-ups on a Shared Server

• Company A — A 1 Person Setup — 1 FMP License

Is a 1 person operation with a single user on my system that can access the program from either their laptop running one of the 5 licenses I would be licensing from you and/or via their iPad and/or iPhone using the Free FileMaker Go app.

• Company B — A 2 Person Setup — 2 FMP Licenses

Company B — is a 2 person operation with each partner in the company having their own desktop/laptop FMP 23 license but they can also access their 360Difference application via their iPad and/or iPhone using the Free FileMaker Go app.

• Company C — A 7 Person Setup — 4 FMP License

Company B — is a 7 person operation with 2 people in the Office working on their desktop/laptops with a FMP 23 license for each machine. One other person in the office, lets say a Project Manager only accesses the 360 Difference System through his or her iPad and their are 6 more carpenters in the field and 3 of them only access the 360 Difference System through their iPhones and 3 more are using WebDirect on their non-iOS devices connecting directly to the CompanyC_360Difference file on the server.

360 Difference Share Server Hosting Arrangement

Examples of 1 to 4 FMP23 Users Set-ups on a Dedicated Server

• A More Than 4 Desktop/Laptop FMP23 User Setup

And then my thinking is that any company needing to run 4 or more Desktop/Laptop FileMaker 23 licenses for lets say the owner general manager, the office manager, the estimator, the project manager, and the bookkeeper would be moved to or setup with their own DEDICATED FMP Server since they would would probably then run other 3rd Party FMP applications too.

Diagram of a 5 User Plus Dedicated Server Arrangement

Is this a way to do it without violating any Clairs FileMakers license rules?

Any questions I can be reached by email at or by my iPhone at 203-767-1882

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