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One of the reasons (a BIG HUGE REASON) I think it is somewhat folly to think that we can effectively become qualified psychologists and with some personality profiles of questionable scientific acceptance solve our business problems.

94% of problems in business are systems driver and only 6% are people driven. W. Edwards Deming

From Lean Thinking April 17, 2018 on FB

There is no magic formula for Lean.

One cannot sell you the pathway to lean.
Nobody can give you the secret ingredient, or the magic sauce.
It doesn’t exist.

That’s because Lean isn’t a destination, or a product, or even an environment.
Lean is really a state of mind, a way of responding to situations.
Lean is a pathway, you’re either on it, or you’re not.
You either make lean decisions, or you don’t.
You create processes which encourage lean behaviors, or your processes encourage (or require) wastes.

So let’s talk about the Lean Mindset.

If lean truly is a state of mind, what does that mean?
Perhaps the secret is in the behaviors ‘lean thinkers’ demonstrate. This requires that we get into the mind, and review how it’s working. Behaviors suggest there is some decision process going on.

What does the lean thinker do?

What questions do they ask themselves?

I’ve come to the conclusion that lean thinkers are constantly asking themselves a question, whenever a decision has to be made:

— Is there a better way?

This question (and perhaps some others) lead lean thinkers to act to eliminate wastes, and better enable flows. These actions, or behaviors, demonstrate the differences in how lean thinkers process their environment, how they form their view of the world. Lean thinkers are constantly reviewing their environment, making judgment calls and acting to improve processes.

Lean behaviors are the result of lean thinking.

We are clear on expectations. And while there may be procedures or processes in place, there is always some latitude in HOW we perform these tasks. THIS is where we can apply our lean thinking, and make a difference.

“Lean behaviors are the result of lean thinking.”

“Perhaps the secret is in the behaviors ‘lean thinkers’ demonstrate.”

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