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1. Tell your company “Hey we are going to explore Lean Thinking as a way to improve or customer client experiences working with our company and how we get work done around here. And we are all going on this learning experience together.

2. To get your company going tell them you would like them all to go to and there select their favorite method for taking in the Paul Akers book 2 Second Lean. To get going I would like you all to read the first 5 Chapters (the chapters are short) , or 36 pages of the PDF, or listen to the first 53 minutes of the recording. If you really are pressed for time you can skip over the first twelve minutes that are the Introduction and Acknowledgments but I think they are still worthwhile.

12:25    Ch 1 – What is Lean

19:09    Ch 2 – You Mean I’m Really That Bad

25:38    Ch 3 – One Piece Flow

32:16    Ch 4 – It Only Gets Better From Here

40:12    Ch 5 – What Bugs You

3. Read this Why I Was Wrong About 2 Second Lean — Markovitz Consulting and take note of:

…I missed the most obvious fact: 2 Second Lean is simple. But it’s not easy. The commitment required of the president is enormous. 

If you want to follow in Paul’s footsteps, you really have to follow in Paul’s footsteps. That means that you have to be a relentless, maniacal cheerleader for lean. You have to be at the office nearly everyday, talking to everyone, asking them to show you their improvements. You have to make videos of every little kaizen, and show them to the whole company at the daily huddle. You have to celebrate—loudly and visibly—every single improvement, no matter how small, every single day. You have to be more excited about the improvement than the person who’s actually made it. 

4. At the end of Paul Akers 2 Second Lean Chapter 5 What Bugs you do what Akers instructs. Have each individual make a list of 5 things that “bug them” at home and 5 things that “bug them” at work.  These will then become the basis for the introduction to A3 Problem Solving. I found this template online that I think is pretty good because it also comes with a “guide” to its use: ‎

5. Introduce The Three Pillars of Lean

1. Understand and develop the ability to Identify the 8 Wastes

2. Learn to fix what bugs you

3. Record the improvement process make before and after video

6. Identify Target, Key Customers, Create Ideal Customer Avatars You company’s Value Proposition is defined by your Customers Values and we will use these profiles as references and we develop a Lean Value Stream Map so this is important.

To Be Continued…

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