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Macintosh Business Systems

(Mac4Construction & iOS4Construction)

While we do do Windows we are Macintosh OS Enthusiasts and Specialists

My First Ever Mac DocumentI’m a long time MacUser going back to Wednesday December 11th 1991 @ 10:18pm. Yeah, I know the date and time because I saved the very first document I ever created and still have it today. (Just a note, the ‘Pete’ in that little pict refers to my brother Peter who I left the document for as a ‘Read Me Now’ on the desktop)

Switching to the Mac platform from windows is relatively easy you’ll still need to create a set software systems to perform the functions that every Builder, Contractor, Remodeler, or Designer does everyday.

In addition to our own 360 Difference brand of FileMaker based solutions and the custom Microsoft Office Solutions we can set you up with we can also assist, train and work with you to use and or integrate several of the other Macintosh platform solutions that are out there.

Well anyway I’m trying to collect and build profiles of MacUsers (Mac4Construction) and iOS Users (iOS4Construction) to detail what kinds of software they are using to get things done for my blog here so there is a good reference on the web for Macintosh Contractors to get ideas on what they can use to meet their needs and requirements coming from other Macintosh contractors.

While I’m obviously interested in hear about what you are using in the way of software for the big things like Estimating, Accounting, Contact Management, and Project Management I’m also really interested in hearing about the little tips and tricks and utility programs you use to improve your productivity and see what kinds of things make up the Macintosh experience for you.

So tell me what ya got and how are you using it and tell me about your company too and I profile you as a contributor and will be glad to link back to your company’s web site too.

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