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I’ve neglected my blogging here for the past few months as I’ve been getting down and dirty working and finishing off a bunch of project I have long neglected or haven’t worked diligently or sincerely on. In other words I been taking what I’ve leaned from from all these blogs and actually practicing what they (and I) preach.

The other day when a friend Bob Kovacs mentioned that he was still waiting to hear from me about the latest version of my 360 Difference Estimating software I replied “I’ve been busy programming and entering and organizing data so that why I’ve been a little out of touch, I’ve been getting some good feedback from some of my beta testers and both responding to their questions and making changes and adjustments takes up a whale of time. Also it’s now playoff time for Major League Baseball so that takes up time too.

It’s the ‘it’s MLB Playoff time” excuse that I find interesting and ironic especially right now. I’m a a serious lifetime Yankee fan so as you might imagine with the Yanks tied 1-1 in the series right now and things looking up I’m enjoying this playoff season. I should mention that while I am a Yankee fan I am perhaps just as much a Baseball fan period so this whole postseason has been particularly interesting and exciting.

Reading the info box on the right you might notice that one of my favorite blogs is Jeff Angus’ Management by Baseball and that’s not just because it’s about baseball. I think there is an incredible amount of information regarding management and life to be learned from baseball and while there is tons of good stuff in MBB it’s Joe Ely’s Learning About Lean that had the big apropos lesson for me and what I been doing recently. See Finishing the Task Sunday, October 19, 2003 Posted 3:46 PM.

Well I’d love to talk about it more right now but I do have other things I need to get back to finishing.

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J. Jerrald Hayes
Primus Inter Pares at Paradigm Projects, Ltd.
I am an architectural woodworker and general contractor turned IT, Business and Project Management consultant, software developer wannabe senior division triathlete and ski racer, Yankee fan and founder of, 360 Difference, and now too.
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