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Just the other day I was checking in to one of the environmental blogs I read and ran across an interesting post about “An insanely clever bike-advocacy ad from the U.K” : Do the test | Gristmill: The environmental news blog.

I actually knew as soon as I saw just what the test was going to be all about in that I had seen it use before in a Discovery Channel television program that was about our brains and cognition but I still almost missed ‘it‘.

Beyond the message regarding bicycles I think the actual ‘test’ has so very interesting and poignant management implications and lessons in it.

In talk and discussions on management, notably Tom Peter’s 1986 article What Gets Measured Gets Done Open What Gets Measured Gets Done in a New Window we often hear the expression:

“What Gets Measured Gets Done”

While that is so very true and a very valuable tool in and of itself it comes along with the caveat we see and learn about in the Cognition Test. While what’s measured sure enough does get done can we be too focused on our measurements that we miss other important data and information that is flying right in front of our noses?

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