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4 Qualifying Questions For When Clients Come Calling Mike Knoche Mike Knoche writes in May 30th 2023 an article entitled: “4 Qualifying Questions For When Clients Come Calling”.

Well yeah,… almost,…I guess that’s okay but I wouldn’t be so blunt in asking those questions outright:

1. What is the size and scope of the project?
2. What is your timeframe?
3. Have you chosen or started researching finishes?
4. How will you be financing your project?

Instead I think in “The Discovery Call” the object should be to start a “conversation” and in that Discovery Call Conversation you should make a point that it’s a 1-on-1, no-obligation consultation call in which you just want to find out:

  • A little bit about your background (with remodeling or new construction) and…
  • Something about what you think some of your projects needs are and…

Perhaps most importantly with respect to you project what do you think your challenges are and what are your particular pain points?
I then try to give the prospect/lead some possible simple solutions without hiring me if I don’t think our fit is a good one and how they can start the process of hiring me/us if I think the fit is a good and I feel I can help. In the course of that conversation I would keep in mind I want to find out the answers to Mike’s questions or goals.

  • What is the size and scope of the project?
  • What is their timeframe?
  • Have they chosen building products or started researching finishes? And…
  • How they plan to finance their project?

In just keeping in mind you are trying to identify the prospect/lead’s pain points (Sandler Sales Methodology) and how you and your company can help remove that pain you will probably find the answers to those goals.

If a client happens to say “I really really need to improve the kitchen situation here. The kitchen counter is out of level so everything spills or cooking in a pan tends to run downhill the station arrangement (the kitchen triangle) is both cramped and it creates a traffic problem (I happen to be describing the kitchen in the place where I live right now!) and I need a solution for under $15K and I need it the next week and a half.” I would think that answers those questions and the fit is a bad one and I would try and help them out by saying “Russ’s Express Kitchens might be better able to help you out.”

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