With a hat tip to Steve Holt and his message on the CMSIG Yahoo Group where on reading his message there I followed a link and discovered this great little web site (Anekedote.com.au) with a video about the one of my favorite subjects: story telling in organizations and what is called the Cynefin Story Telling Framework.

I often focus about the importance of telling stories in marketing situations but they are just as important inside and organization to communicate management concepts about systems and to help develop and reinforce culture.

Acording to wikipedia Cynefin (a Welsh word translated into English as ‘habitat’ or ‘place’) is a model or framework used to describe problems, situations and systems and…

…The term was chosen by the Welsh scholar David Snowden to illustrate the evolutionary nature of complex systems, including their inherent uncertainty. The name is a reminder that all human interactions are strongly influenced and frequently determined by our experiences, both through the direct influence of personal experience, and through collective experience, such as stories or music.

Story telling is the “hook” that makes it easy for people to relate to the underlying message or lesson.

And here is the link to the Harvard Business Review article mentioned on the tail end of the video.

Leader’s Framework for Decision Making
by David J. Snowden, Mary E. Boone

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