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The Five Stages Of Your Customer's Purchasing Journey

Small and local building & remodeling companies need to Understand Just Who Their Customers Really Are and The Different Stages of Their Customer's Journey.

Does The Paradigm Projects Strategy First Program Involve Setting Up a Marketing Funnel?

Yes it does. And depending upon what your service of product offereings are there may be more than one funnel. Marketing funnels are an integral part of the overall marketing strategy. A marketing funnel, also known as a sales funnel, represents the customer’s journey through the different stages of the buying process. It helps visualize and understand how potential customers move from awareness of a product or service to making a purchase decision. Here’s how marketing funnels fit into the Strategy-First Methodology:

  • Understanding the Funnel Stages:

    • The methodology starts with a deep understanding of the customer journey and the various stages they go through during the buying process. These stages typically include awareness, interest, consideration, and decision.
  • Mapping Content and Tactics to the Funnel:

    • Once the funnel stages are defined, the methodology involves aligning marketing content and tactics to each stage of the funnel.
    • Content and strategies are tailored to address the specific needs, questions, and concerns of customers at each stage.
  • Creating a Cohesive Customer Experience:

    • The goal is to create a seamless and cohesive customer experience throughout the funnel.
    • Content and interactions are designed to guide customers from one stage to the next, providing them with valuable information and building trust and interest in the process.
  • Optimizing Conversion Rates:

    • The Strategy-First Methodology emphasizes optimizing conversion rates at each stage of the funnel.
    • Strategies are developed to encourage prospects to take desired actions, whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, requesting more information, or making a purchase.
  • Measuring and Analyzing Funnel Performance:

    • A critical aspect of the methodology involves measuring the performance of the marketing funnel using relevant metrics and KPIs.
    • Data analysis helps identify bottlenecks, areas for improvement, and opportunities to enhance the funnel’s effectiveness.
  • Iterative Refinement of the Funnel:

    • Based on the data and insights gathered, the marketing funnel is continuously refined and optimized to improve the overall customer journey and drive better results.

The marketing funnel is a strategic tool within the Strategy-First Methodology, enabling businesses to guide potential customers through a structured and purposeful journey that ultimately leads to conversions and business growth. It ensures that marketing efforts are targeted and effective at every stage of the customer’s interaction with the brand.

Marketing/Sales Funnel Stages

The Awareness Stage

  • What does you team do now to encourage brand awareness
  • What could you be doing better or more of?
  • Can you team define you brands persona?
  • Make a high-level assessment of your involvement in social media, blogging, and trade shows, and include that assesement in you document to remind your team of areas you could improve

The Tools Used to Build Barand Awareness

  • Ad campaigns
  • Paid Search
  • Social media
  • Webinars
  • E-Books/whitepapers
  • Events/trade shows
  • Press Releases
  • Blog Posts

The Interest Stage

  • Are you tracking reviews, targeted emails or newsletters, and Brandon gauge meant with paid search and paid social?
  • Outlining a big picture plan of all the interest phase unites smaller task under one larger goal and could reveal gaps that inspire process requirement on other levels

The Tools Used to Build Interest In Your Brand

  • Landing Pages
  • Product Descriptions
  • Targeted Content Videos

The Consideration Stage

  • What does you brand do to help customers throught the consideration phase?
  • When was the last time you looked at what comptetitors were doing to give potential buyers more information about their prroducts?
  • Outline a plan or change a stale existing one to make sure you customers have a chance to experience your product of service with incentives like free trails befor have to commit to it.

The Tools Used to Build Consideration Of Your Brand

  • EMails
  • Case Studies
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Comparisons
  • Free Trails/Demos
  • Special Offers

The Purchase Stage

  • What constitutes commitment for your brand? Is it a customer putting an item in a shopping cart or signing up for a specfic service?
  • Define the point at which you consider a customer “committed” and then list any steps you take (or would like to take) to help them get there.

The Tools Used in the Purchase Stage of Your Brand

  • Your Company App
  • Sales Page
  • Special Offers
  • Promotions

The Retention Stage

  • Does your brand have a specific strategy for customer retention? If so outline it here.
  • If not figure out what that strategy should be.

The Tools Used in the Retention Stage of Your Brand

  • EMail Newsletter
  • Support Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Special Offeres

Marketing/Sales Funnel Stages Infographic:

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