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Consultant or Business Coach What's the Difference? .

Before deciding what type of assistance your business needs it's important to understand the differences

Consultant or Business Coach What's the Difference?

Before deciding what type of assistance your business needs it's important to understand the differences

I see Consulting as “Done For You” and Coaching as “Done With You” — Robin Waite

I read an article on Medium by Business Coach Robin Waite a while back where he said:

I see Consulting as “Done For You” and Coaching as “Done With You”

…and I think I agree with him.

  • Both a Business Coach and a Consultant are external to your company
  • Both are hire to help solve problems
  • Both have their specific ares of expertise

Perhaps most notably the Consultant does all the thinking while the coach helps the client do the necessary thinking and there is no real limit to he scope of what a coach will give advice on.  

With A Business Coach…

With a business coach you have a ongoing relationship that is more holistic in its approach and it focuses on bringing out the best in you and your company. In many cases, a business coach can help you to focus on the big picture and assist you in reaching your business goals.

And a Consultant Does What?

A business consultant generally provides a higher level of expertise in a particular discipline or area and they generally work within a defined project scope. 

When it comes to enhancing your business, a consultant provides invaluable expertise in a specific discipline or area. They bring a wealth of knowledge and skills, working within defined project scopes to drive growth and success. Whether it’s estimating and pricing, web design, marketing strategies, or strategic planning, consultants offer targeted solutions that propel your business forward.

So Do I Need a Coach or a Consultant?

Well, it depends…The best way to figure this out is have a conversation where we can discuss what it is your goals and needs are with your company and we’ll come up with a recommendation and plan together.

What Kind of Things Does A Coach Work On?

  • Lean Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Team Dynamics
  • Interpersonal Conflict Resolution
  • Management Effectiveness
  • Accountability
  • Action Planning
  • Brainstorming
  • Focus
  • Follow-up
  • Implementation
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Motivation
  • Purpose
  • Self-sabotage
  • Structure
  • Time management
  • Vision

What Kind of Projects Does A Consultant Work On?

  • Business planning & strategy
  • Service/product offerings and pricing
  • Direction of business
  • Delegation/dealing with staff and sub-contractors
  • Lead generation
  • Closing the sale
  • Traditional marketing planning
  • Internet marketing planning
  • Project planning
  • SEO
  • Setting up eCommerce
  • Social Media marketing
  • Systems for running your business
  • Website planning

Business Coaching Results

In a coaching relationaship the goal is to work with our clients to achieve these kinds of results:

  • Organizational and team growth
  • Better defined business goals and objectives
  • Strengthened leadership
  • Improved culture
  • More accountability
  • Reduced stress
  • Lasting results
  • Increased profit and revenue
  • Improved organizational communication
  • Improved predictability of results
  • Increased productivity
  • Less time spent managing
  • Better aligned organization

Business Consulting Results

In a business consulting arrangement you might see results like:

  • A new or remodeled website
  • A new or remodeled brand identity
  • A new mobile and/or desktop app
  • Design and adoption of a Lean Thinking business process

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