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Customer Relationship Management for Builders & Remodelers in 2023

Customer Relationship Management is First Of All A Process

The approaches for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for architects is different than the process for Builders which is different than the process for Remodelers  which is different than the process for Trade Contractors. They can however use many of the same tools.

CRM isn’t just a product or tool you buy, it’s a methodology and philosophy. Not only can I help you in the selection and deployment of the tools you need I can help you develop the methodology and teach the philosophy to your staff.

Today there are many CRM applications are available for even the smallest business.

But no matter what the vendor tells you, a computerized CRM solution won’t do anything if your company doesn’t use it correctly or use it at all. But a well-implemented CRM solution will begin to pay off immediately with improved productivity throughout your organization.

Before you invest in a product, I’ll work with you to get to know all of your organization’s processes and talk to your employees to assess their needs.

We can help you help identify and target your best customer based on your company’s brand message and work with you to develop the systems and programs to generate quality sales leads, and plan and implement marketing campaigns with clear goals and objectives.


The Paradigm Projects CRM Audit Overview

We can show you how to get more from Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and most importantly your base of customers and prospects. Start with our CRM Audit Overview. We review your business requirements and goals and see which CRM program fits your needs and budget.

And we can custom develop to your specific requirements in a custom mobile app using the Claris Filemaker Pro platform too if you so choose.

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