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Modeling and Creating Your Business Future Through Strategic Business Planning

In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower
What is a strategic plan? It’s a step-by-step guide, created by a business or organization, to map out how it will reach goals, and set a foundation so the entire company knows what will happen and what is expected of them. Essentially, it provides a “recipe” or of how to achieve a stated vision, for the chosen target market, and how a company serves customers consistently, effectively and profitably every single time.

Business Plan Development

Paradigm-360 offers strategic business plan development for businesses ranging from start-ups to ones. Regardless of what kind of business plan you need a plan is invaluable because:

  • it helps keep you focused on what you’ve defined as your core business.
  • it can bee seen as a recipe for what you want to “cook up”, the “blueprint” of the company you want to build or remodel.
  • it helps you set goals, targets, and benchmarks that you and your personnel can then work towards fulfilling.
  • it defines the financial budgets for the categories of your fixed overhead expenses.

The questions you need to answer in order to write out a plan are the key ones that

  • Is there a market for your product or service?
  • How large is the market?
  • What percentage of the market can you reach?
  • How can you reach the market?
  • At what price can you attract customers?
  • What will be the cost of attracting customers?
  • How long before a profit is made?

Strategic Alliances

For general contractors or construction managers to maximize their profit margins they must avoid the industry’s confrontational environment by working with Owners and subcontractors. Paradigm-360 works with general contractors to develop necessary Strategic Alliances with Owners and subcontractors to create a win-win environment for all stakeholders.

Team Building

While Strategic Alliances focus on the stakeholders outside the company the team building process focus on the internal stakeholders. Companies are always saying that employees are their greatest assets. Paradigm-360 can help you create a working environment that will maximize your employees’ contribution.


Leadership is the key to company success. Without it no company will succeed. Yet today’s complex business environment requires leadership at all levels of the organization not just at the top. Paradigm-360 helps coach teams to improve the leadership quotient.

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