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Paradigm Projects: The Company

Business Process Improvement Projects For Architects, Builders, Remodelers, Landscapers, Trade Contractors And Other Members Of The Home & Garden Industry.

Par·a·digm (pronunciation key: par-uh-dahym, -dim)

  • An example, a pattern; especially : an outstandingly clear or typical example or archetype
  • A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them.

For years the name Paradigm Projects best known for unique dramatic stairs & railing, murals & faux finishes, theatrical environments, and architectural wood and metalwork in the Westchester NY & Fairfield County CT area.

Behind the scenes we were always exploring and developing best practices in information technology, project, and business management for Builders Remodelers, Contractors and other members of the Home & Garden Industry.

Back in the late 1990 one of the elite general contractors we did stair building, railing fabrication, and architectural woodwork for said to me one day that instead of building and installing all this “stuff” I should teach other contractors what I had learned about business and technology. I took what he said to heart and a few years later after dabbling in just that in January of 2003 I broke off and separated my interests in the science of business management, project management, and technology from actually designing and/or building projects themselves into Paradigm Projects a professional service firm to to provide just that kind of consulting and Paradigm Building and Remodeling and it’s related sub sites and

This professional services company I’ve created offers every thing from help and guidance with basic estimating spreadsheets to custom integrated FileMaker and Microsoft Office Solutions and Website Content Management Solutions & Design.

I’ve taken my decades of experience across the fields of Building, Remodeling, Theatre Design & Technology and the Trade Show Exposition and applied that experience to develop solutions that take advantage of all that today’s technology has to offer.

I feel we know your business and can combine that with the experience we gained using the web for marketing and communication with our customers and trade contracting partners. We feel we can help you make informed and correct decisions regarding your company’s Internet strategy.

In the realm of business consulting the thinking that we work with and teach comes from the work of W. Edwards Deming on Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma, Eliyahu Goldratt’s approach to system management, the Theory of Constraints (TOC), James P. Womack’s Lean Thinking, and Peter Senge’s methods of System Thinking , and others….and the connections made between them all. This thinking emphasizes appreciation for systems and interdependencies; resource and relationship management; knowledge development; and, generally speaking,consciousness of thinking.

We believe use of this thinking is likely to yield value in organizations, such as increases in overall profit and decreases in overall costs, and more joy and satisfaction in their work for all the stakeholders in your organization.

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