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I was talking to a colleague and potential client the other day when they said they wanted a “tool” that would allow them to better see how Overhead & Profit are being applied and I realized that is something I already have built into my 360Difference Estimating application

• The 360Difference Estimating: Price Cost Breakdown Popup Window:

The User clicks on the Info Button for a particular Estimate Line Item and it will display a Price Cost Breakdown for that particular Estimate Line Item showing you what Trade at what Labor Cost was used in creating that line item. AND the Materials and possibly the Subcontractors and what kind of Markups for Overhead & Profit were applied,… with the Line Item Total PRICE at the bottom of that pop-up window.

Transparency-Line-Items-Price Screen

• The 360Difference Estimating: Attachments Pop-up Window (Installation PDFs, Photos, Videos, Notes, etc)

Additionally you can also see all the information like Installation PDFs, Photos, Notes attached to that Estimate Line Item too AND any URLs that can provide you, your staff or your clients viewing the estimate more information about that particular Estimate Line Item.
Transparency-Line-Items-Price Screen

• The 360Difference Estimating: URLs (Webpages on your company website or the supplier and/or manufacturers website you want your staff or your clients to have reference access to)

Transparency-Line-Items-Cost Screen

There might very well be some other  Estimating applications out there that have one of two of all those features but if there is I certainly don’t know about them and I keep myself pretty aware of what is out there.

PLUS you can get the same kind of analysis on a Project Phase or Project level too. 360Difference is THE MOST CUSTOMIZABLE Estimating Software Application on the market.

AND while the application shows a combined Markup for O&P if you want to see those things seperatly that can be easily programed in.

And this is just a tiny fraction of what I have put in to 360Difference already in the way of Overhead & Profit Analysis Tools and I have ideas for many more too.

My 360Difference suite of tools for builders & remodelers was built using the the Apple owned Claris/FileMaker platform, And the word is sometime in 2024 Claris/FileMaker will be releasing a FREE version for single users of their platform so small offices can explore all the 3rd Party applications like 360Difference that have been developed for the platform like:

Or you can speak with me about any custom app ideas specific for your company that you would like developed too.

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J. Jerrald Hayes
Primus Inter Pares at Paradigm Projects, Ltd.
I am an architectural woodworker and general contractor turned IT, Business and Project Management consultant, software developer wannabe senior division triathlete and ski racer, Yankee fan and founder of, 360 Difference, and now too.
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