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WordPress is on the verge of delivering us a new update to version 5.0 that they are calling Gutenberg (The new Gutenberg editing experience). Actually, I thought we were going to see Gutenberg back in April but they are still conducting bug checking and testing this new release. Anyone who wants test it out and work with it before it’s general release can do so by installing the Gutenberg plugin on any WordPress 4.8 installations you have set up as a staging environment.

While once WordPress 5.0 is released Gutenberg will become the default editor for all WordPress installation you will still have the option to install and use the classic editor if you run into any compatibility issues by installing their Classic Editor plugin.

I give you all this as just as background to this blog article I read today entitled: WordPress vs Other CMS Platforms: How Does WordPress Stack Up Against the Rest? | Elegant Themes Blog

WordPress vs Other CMS Platforms: How Does WordPress Stack Up Against the Rest?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in use today. There are several other CMS’s available and many have been around much longer than WordPress. In this article, we’ll compare WordPress vs other CMS platforms, see what their features and advantages are, see who they’re a good…

While I have worked with Drupal, Joomla, and another CMS called Expression Engine in the past a few years ago I stopped promoting and/or suggesting those platfoms because I thought that for all the clients I worked with WordPress did everything they needed and my time would be far better spent becoming ever more familiar with the WordPress enviroment. Given that WordPres is 60% of the CMS as far as market share with the next being Joomla at just under 6%, and then Drupal with 3.8% I think I made the right decision,

In fact I even further narrowed my focus down to working with Elegant Themes Divi theme.

I was talking with a builder friend the week and when I asked him why he hadn’t chosen WordPress for his website he praised the GoDaddy Website builder tool and even said to me that it would soon lend a challenge to and possibly replace WordPress as the top tool seemingly ignoring popular builder platforms like SquareSpace, Wix, and Weebly which I consider good but certainly not great,

In the coming months I’ll be taking a deeper look at all those website builder platforms and even another one I don’t often see mentioned which is you would think more builder-remodeler-contractor centric from Houzz (Houzz Site Designer: Build a Website for Your Home Design Company).

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