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x-Brochureware Web Sites

A step beyond a single page “web billboard” a brochureware web site are sometimes the most economical way to give your company an on-line presence. Brochureware sites are usually an overview of what your company offers in terms of; services and/or products, and are best used when the information on the site is not updated frequently.

A brochureware web site often mimics, replaces, or stands on it own as a company’s printed brochure and hence the name. The idea behind them then is to produce an eye catching and informative viewing experience.
Typically a brochureware site contains a

  • A Home Page -A simple front page with two paragraphs about your company and contact information
  • An About Page
  • A Services (or Products Page)
  • An Image Gallery or Portfolio Page
  • A Contact Page

And another page that might also be included:

  • A News Page – with news articles about press releases, events and news

These sites are often quite simple & are ideal for companies that want a little bit more than just a single page “web billboard.”

The key is good graphics & well presented content that helps establish a positive brand perception and image in your customers minds that helps improve sales.

And if providing your own content for your site has you up against a wall we have a range of affiliated resources we can call on such as copywriters, illustrators and photographers that we can utilized to produce the content for your site.

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