Specialized Mobile Web Applications

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Specialized Web Applications

Filemaker Pro Is Apple’s Database Tool For The Design And Deployment Of Connected Desktop, Laptop, And Mobile Device Apps For Small Businesses and it is our preferred tool for the development of specialized mobile applications.

FileMaker Go Real-World Uses • Mobile Custom Apps •  50 Examples to See What’s Possible | FileMaker 

Many companies that need web based applications to perform mission critical business functions and off-the-self sotfare wont necessarily do the job or do it well. With our experience in designing both Filemaker Pro (and Adobe Cold Fusion) based web applications along with our experince and knowledge in the building and remodeling, home & garden industies we can build application that are both robust and tailored to your specific marketing or business management objectives.

The Kinds of Projects & Functions That Might Require A Web Based Application

  • An online product catalog for a specialty trade contractor.
  • A Collaborative Workspace area for project document sharing for a General Contractor
  • On-line E-zines (click to visit our NortheasternHomes.com project)

We can also have the technology and expertise to develop work with clients to develop applications like

  • A specialized shopping cart for a housewares retailer.
  • A Web-based/handheld ready time accounting tool for the construction industry
  • A booking and scheduling system for a home services company.
  • E-Mail Newsletters

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