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The Principles in Donald Miller's "StoryBrand" Framework

The "StoryBrand" framework is a storytelling and marketing strategy that helps businesses clarify their messaging and engage with their customers effectively.

The Problem: Many small businesses need a story-plot outline or framework in which to deliver their marketing messgae and the StoryBrand framework is a proven formula that uses a story-line to combine seemingly-disconnected parts into a coherent whole, making the message easy to follow and remember. 

The ‘StoryBrand’ Framework.

The framework consists of seven key points that guide businesses in creating a clear and compelling brand narrative. These seven points are:

  • A Character: In this context, the character is not the business; it’s the customer. Position the customer as the hero of the story. The hero is the one with a problem or challenge that they need to overcome.
  • Has a Problem: Clearly define the problem or challenge that the hero (the customer) is facing. This problem is what drives the narrative and captures the audience’s attention.
  • And Meets a Guide: Introduce the business as the guide who can help the hero overcome their problem. The guide is an expert who provides a plan and solutions.
  • Who Gives Them a Plan: The guide (business) should present a clear and actionable plan to help the hero (customer) overcome their problem. This plan serves as a roadmap to success.
  • That Calls Them to Action: Every story needs a call to action. The plan should include a clear and compelling call to action that instructs the hero (customer) on the specific steps they should take.
  • And Results in Success: Explain the positive transformation or success that the hero will achieve by following the plan and taking action. This paints a vivid picture of the desired outcome.
  • Helping Them Avoid Failure: Highlight the consequences of inaction or failure. By not following the plan and taking action, the hero may experience negative outcomes, which creates urgency.

The StoryBrand framework is designed to help businesses simplify their messaging, engage with customers on a deeper level, and guide them through a narrative that resonates with their needs and desires. By positioning the customer as the hero and the business as the guide, and by clearly defining the problem and offering a solution, businesses can create more effective and engaging marketing messages that drive customer action. This framework has been widely adopted by businesses of all sizes to improve their marketing and storytelling efforts.

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